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The campaign kicked off on Sept. 27, 2018 when the brand uploaded an original, spoken word piece, written and performed by poet and activist Andrea Gibson, to its YouTube channel.The Poo Pourri Commercial is a textbook example of how video marketing done right can go viral which then can lead to an increase in sales.Poo Pourri will change your public lifestyle from walks of shame to walks of fame.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified How To Make Your Own Poo Pourri Recipe Find a clean 2 oz (or 4 oz) spray bottle.But if you want to have the true poo pourri that can actually block the traumatizing toilet odor, you need to learn more about the stuff requirements.If you wanna trick people into thinking your poop doesnt smell, this is the DIY for you Instructions: spray the magic potion 3-5 times into the toilet before doing your duty, and thats it.

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Make this in a spray bottle for all of your bathrooms, your purse and for your kids to use at school.DIY Poo Pourri Recipe Steps DIY Step by Step Poo-Pourri Recipe and Ingredients.

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Keep your bathrooms smelling citrus fresh with this easy Homemade Poo Pourri with Essential Oils.

DIY Homemade Linen Spray To make one 8oz bottle of linen spray, pour 3 oz of the alcohol into a small bowl.Rose petals have a calming scent, and creating a mix that leaves a.The product is a non-aerosol mixture of essential fragrance oils which is sprayed into the toilet bowl prior to the dirty deed.

Whether it is the travel size or the larger bottle, Poo-Pourri is an everyday essential for our customers.

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Simply spray a few spritzes into the toilet bowl before using it.

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The original, No.2 and Hush Flush are the more feminine scents of the bunch.

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Not only is the original brand very cleverly named, the product itself is remarkable.We have been trying all kinds of concoctions with our new essential oils kit.

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Spray a few spritzes on the surface water of your toilet before you go and no one will ever know about your dirty business.The next time your beautiful bouquet of roses starts to wilt, instead of tossing the pretty petals in the trash, make potpourri.The Closest Copycat Poo Pourri Bathroom Spray Recipe August 1, 2018 by Tash 4 Comments One of the things I always have on hand in my bathroom is a variety of products to use for masking odor.Try making yourself a batch of this easy DIY Lavender Poo Pourri Recipe.

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If you are new to the idea of essential oils, please read my earlier post about why using essential oils is safe and beneficial.

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